Low vision

Persons with low vision, or a visual impairment, suffer from a great loss of vision for which no treatment or further treatment is available. People with a visual impairment who use our aids regain their freedom and independence. They are once again able to read, view photos, practice hobbies or work with a computer.  Our range consists of electronic magnifiers, electronic handheld magnifiers and text-to-speech devices.

Low vision is usually due to a disorder that damages parts of the retina or the optic nerve, such as glaucoma or cataracts. The law defines low vision as a remaining visual acuity of a maximum of 30% or a very narrow visual field.

There are many forms of low vision: some people have tunnel vision or see a dark patch in the middle of their central vision, while others can see straight ahead but not at the sides.

About 350,000 people in the Netherlands are blind or have low vision, and 285 million people all over the world have a visual impairment. Unfortunately, studies have revealed that this number will increase substantially in 2020, in part due to the ageing population and disorders such as diabetes that also afflict many young people. Forecasts indicate that about 380,000 Dutch residents will have a visual impairment in 2020.

Aids for the visually impaired

A number of aids can make the lives of people with a visual impairment more enjoyable. We often hear from users that they have regained some of their freedom and independence. We offer a range of products consisting of electronic magnifiers, electronic handheld magnifiers and text-to-speech devices, all of which are innovative, user-friendly products that can help the users in their everyday lives.

Prescribers and insurance

You come into consideration for an electronic magnifier, electronic handheld magnifier or text reader when you have been diagnosed with this degree of visual impairment. Your healthcare insurer will almost always reimburse the full cost. However, the aids will need to be prescribed by a specialist recognized by your healthcare insurer, such as, depending on the sort of aid, the ophthalmologist or other physician who is treating you or a regional institution such as Royal Dutch Visio or Bartiméus.


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