About us

We are more than a supplier of innovative, high-quality low vision, pain relief and incontinence products. In addition to our role as provider of medical products, are also a service provider who supports every user before and, in particular, after the purchase of an aid.

Van Lent Systems was founded by René van Lent in 1986. Under his leadership of more than thirty years, his one-man business has evolved into an international organization with branches in the Netherlands, Ireland, Germany and Belgium – a company with a wide product range and a large group of satisfied customers.

Our product range has a leitmotif: We want to support people who deserve a helping hand. Our clients are people with a visual impairment, people suffering from pain and children with bedwetting problems: Our goal is to make their lives a little more enjoyable.

Patient counselling

We, with our unique historical background, still feel that we are still a real family business – a feeling which continually manifests itself in our very distinctive company culture. We, as a real family business, are sympathetic to all our users. We have an answer to every question, and we seek a rapid, good solution to any problem that may arise with the use of our aids.

We, over our many years’ experience, have acquired a wealth of knowledge – knowledge that we also put to good use. We have no doubt in saying that providing patient counselling after the delivery of an aid has become our speciality.


We not only work in close cooperation with users, but also with prescribers and healthcare insurers. This, in combination with our creativity and drive, enables us to continually develop and introduce new and innovative products.

We also work closely with our Irish sister company, Rehan Electronics Ltd., which is responsible for the manufacture of our products. Our Research & Development department is engaged in technological research and is in the vanguard in innovative development.

We, in collaboration with Rehan Electronics Ltd., have our products manufactured in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly eco factory in Ireland’s Co-Wicklow. The factory, which is built from natural materials, assigns priority to energy-efficiency and low CO2 emissions.


We have received NEN-EN-ISO 9001 certification for the supplying and installation of medical equipment. This standard imposes stringent requirements on an organization’s quality management system. We have also implemented a QHSE policy (Quality, occupational Health and Safety, and Environment) and have appointed a QHSE Officer. We also regularly conduct customer-satisfaction surveys as we make every effort to maintain and improve our quality and customer satisfaction.

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