Birth TENS

Do you want to deliver your baby with confidence and remember it as one of the most special moments in your life? MAMA-tens offers you this possibility! With MAMA-tens you will be able to safely control and reduce the pain during delivery. You decide how much pain reduction you want to apply at what moment.

Pain reduction during delivery

MAMA-tens offers you this possibility! With MAMA-tens you are able to control the amount of pain during your delivery in a safe way. You can determine yourself when and how much pain reduction you want to have.

Note: not to be used during the first 26 weeks of pregnancy.

How does MAMA TENS work?

The MAMA-tens is a user friendly, portable digital TENS device. A TENS device transmits small electrical pulses to the nerves through electrodes that have been placed on the skin. During delivery you have to place these electrodes on both sides of your spinal cord. The MAMA-tens transmits pulses that ensure the release of endorphins (your body's own painkiller). These electrical pulses also act as a blocking agent for the pain signals your nerves send to your brain. MAMA-tens therefore does not remove your pain, but ensures you feel it less intense.

MAMA TENS during delivery

During delivery you will endure different pains with different intensities. The MAMA-tens has been programmed with 3 different programs; developed especially for the 3 phases of delivery. With MAMA-tens you will be able to control your pain in a simple way. The device even contains a separate boost button for you to deal with contraction-pain.

mamaTENS is:

  • Harmless for both mother and child; 
  • Usable both at home or at the hospital; 
  • Usable together with other methods of pain reduction; 
  • User friendly; 
  • Portable: you can walk, sit or lie down wherever you want; 
  • Pain control and confidence: you control the pain; 
  • Also usable after the delivery to ease the afterpains. 

MAMA-tens via your health insurance agency

Ask at your health insurance agency whether you will receive a complete or partial refund for MAMA-tens. Most of the health insurance agencies have included MAMA-tens in their insurance policy. If that is the case for your health insurance, you will receive the MAMA-tens for a 6 week loan. In order to apply for this you will need a (written) explanation from your treating physician.


If the MAMA-tens is accidentally switched on and if the intensity is not raised within 5 minutes, the device will automatically switch off.


You can hold the MAMA-tens in your hand, or use the supplied safety cord to hang it around your neck. The safety cord contains a special mechanism that breaks if you pull on it. On the rear side of the device you will find an attachment clip with which you can easily attach the device to your clothing.

Rent it yourself

You can rent the MAMA-tens for a period of 6 weeks at Van Lent systems B.V. After we receive the rental fee we will ship the MAMA-tens to you. After the delivery you simply return the device to us.