TENS nerve stimulator

Pain is a personal experience. Everyone feels pain in a different way. The application of T.E.N.S. does not have a curative outcome. It is a symptomatic treatment that suppresses the pain sensation. Even extensive long-term stimulation is not harmful or causes any side effects. You can decide yourself where or when you use your nerve stimulator. In the Netherlands there already are thousands of people using our T.E.N.S. device the i-Pulz.

Nerve stimulation (T.E.N.S.): pain relief

The international term for nerve stimulation is Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. In short people simply use the term "TENS".

How does a nerve stimulator work?

Through electrodes placed on the skin, the i-Pulz sends electrical pulses through the skin to the nerves carrying the pain signals. This pulse causes these nerves to be "distracted", not allowing them to do their job of transferring the pain signals to your brain. On the other hand, this technique makes the body produce substances called endorphins, these are produced naturally in the body and are nature's way of administering pain relief.


Tens therapy makes use of certain electrodes that need to be placed on the skin. Everybody has a different skin type; you may have never had any problems with your skin whatsoever, yet someone else may have a very sensitive skin or experiences a high level of transpiration. For this reason we have a wide range of different types of electrodes for you to choose from.

Indications of TENS

TENS can be prescribed for acute and chronic pains, and pain-syndroms.

Will my insurance cover the costs?

Yes, TENS as a therapy for pain relief will be paid in full by your health insurance agency; unless your insurance policy states otherwise. Even the consumables that can be ordered at a later stage are paid for, with the exception of extra batteries and a battery charger. In order to apply for this, the TENS device needs to be prescribed by a specialist who is approved by your health insurance agency.

Where do I find such a specialist?

Your GP can direct you to a hospital. These days many hospitals have a "pain clinic". Such a pain clinic usually has several specialists working there so that they can provide you, from their own area of expertise, with the best support and guidance. After having gone through a "trial period" using TENS, your doctor or specialist can apply for a TENS device, along with its consumables, with your health insurance agency. Certain health insurance agencies also allow physiotherapists to prescribe a TENS device to you. We can provide you with further information on this topic.

The i-Pulz nerve stimulator

The i-Pulz is a small, portable digital TENS device that can be worn invisibly underneath your clothing.


The i-Pulz is easy to use by pressing the buttons. When the buttons aren't used for several seconds, the automatic key lock will activate. This is to prevent any accidental changes in the settings of the device.

Even though the i-Pulz is the smallest digital TENS device around, its possibilities are endless.


The i-Pulz is a two-channel nerve stimulator. Both channels work independently from one another and do not influence each other. This means that two different patterns of stimulation can be used at the same time. You can also use just one of the channels if this is preferred. The i-Pulz will always start up with the last selected program.


When you flip open the i-Pulz stimulator, the buttons and display will become visible. You can set up all programs and settings using the buttons. The display clearly highlights the programs and settings of the i-Pulz.

Attachment clip

On the rear side of the TENS device you can find an attachment clip. This clip is easily used to attach the i-Pulz to your trousers, skirt or belt.

Program duration

It is possible to set up the duration of the program in use. During your trial period you and your doctor or specialist have set up the i-Pulz to your needs and have determine the proper duration of the programs to be used. After the intensity is set up and the keypad lock is active, the timer will count down to 0 minutes.

Customer care

Van Lent Systems B.V. has many years of experience and has built up a vast knowledge when it comes to using TENS. We can assure you with great confidence that our customer care and patient aftercare has grown out to be our specialization!