Looky Plus

Electronic Handheld Magnifier

The Looky+ is the latest and improved version of the already renowned handheld magnifier the Looky. The Looky+ will allow you to read text and look at photos and comes with a magnification range of 2 times up to 20 times. The Looky+ now also allows the user to read in different color modes and also incorporates a superior contrast ratio. We are pleased to introduce the new Looky+ with improved battery life and incorporating more options than ever before.

How does an electronic handheld magnifier work?

Simple, just use in the same way as you would use an ordinary magnifying glass and the image or text will be reflected on to the LCD Screen. 


You qualify for an electronic handheld magnifier if you suffer from a significant loss of sight that cannot be resolved adequately by glasses or contact lenses.

Does my insurance cover the costs?

Yes, the purchasing cost of an electronic magnifier will be covered in full by your health insurance agency; unless your insurance policy states differently. In order to qualify for a refund, the magnifier needs to be prescribed by a low vision expert that your insurance agency approves of.


Usually your GP will refer you to an eye doctor or a similar medical expert. In the Netherlands there are several regional institutions where several experts can advise you on all possible low vision aids, including handheld electronic magnifiers. At these regional institutes, also referred to as low vision centers, you can try out the Looky+. For an address near you please contact us for the details.

The Looky+

A small, electronic handheld magnifier weighing only 200 grams, the Looky+ is the lightest device of its kind.

Always a clear view

With the Looky+ the picture is always sharp and you can read the text perfectly. The Looky+ has a photo mode and 5 different reading modes. You can even use the Looky on shiny surfaces.

Folding handle

In contrast to other electronic handheld magnifiers, the Looky+ comes complete with an ergonomically designed folding handle. This is designed to enable the user to hold the Looky+ in a comfortable way. Alternatively if the handle is not to your liking, just fold it in.

Special freeze function

The Looky+ is the only small handheld magnifier which is equipped with a freeze frame function. This enables the user to freeze the text or picture on the LCD screen, it as simple as taking a photograph. This is easy to take a snap shot of a price in the supermarket. After you have taken the snap shot you can literally check the price with holding the Looky+ closer to your eyes.


With the Looky+ it is easy to write your signature or make short notes. You can place the handle in a special position and look while you write.

Where can I use the Looky+?

The Looky+ is ideal for use at home but also an indispensable aid when going out.

A Handy Carrying Case

Specifically for the Looky+, Van Lent Systems B.V. has got the perfect carrying case. It can be easily connected to your belt or fitted easily into your bag. You will also receive a free key-cord with the Looky+ so you can carry it around your neck.