Questions about Electronic Magnifiers

Answers to your questions

What is an electronic magnifier?

An electronic magnifier consists of a monitor and a camera with a reading table.

How does an electronic magnifier work?

One puts the object to be magnified on the reading table, for example a piece of text. This object will be enlarged and shown on the monitor.

Where can an electronic magnifier be used?

An electronic magnifier can be used at home, at work or at school - amongst other locations of course.

When do I qualify for an electronic magnifier?

You qualify for an electronic magnifier when you have a significant loss of vision, rendering reading without an aid practically impossible.

Who use the Affinity, Ergo and Solido electronic magnifiers?

People who have such poor vision that glasses or handheld magnifiers do not give adequate support. Apart from that, people who suffer from Macula Degeneration, Retinitis Pigmentosa, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and cataract also make use of electronic magnifiers.

Will my insurance cover the costs of an electronic magnifier?

Yes, your insurance covers for the costs of an electronic magnifier in full; unless your insurance policy states otherwise. In order to qualify for this, the electronic magnifier needs to be prescribed by an expert in the field that your insurance agency approves of.

What must the application consist of?

First of all, it must contain a reasonable argument why you need the device, along with your medical data. The prescriber is usually your treating physician ,an eye doctor, or is someone working at a low vision centre. An electronic magnifier can rarely be prescribed by your GP.

Do all insurance agencies refund the Van Lent Systems electronic magnifiers?

Many insurance agencies refund the Affinity, Ergo and Solido electronic magnifiers. You can find a survey of all insurance agencies on this website at the Affinity / Ergo / Solido section. If the logo of your health insurance agency is not present there, it is certainly worth the effort to contact your health insurance agency if something can be arranged.

Where do I find a good prescriber?

Usually your GP will refer you to an eye doctor or other expert. In the Netherlands, there are several regional institutions where a lot of your questions can be answered on electronic magnifiers. At these institutions, also referred to as low vision centers, you also have the opportunity to try out our electronic magnifiers. You will also get a thorough explanation on the controls.